Application Development Guidelines

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Development Guidelines for CakePHP 3.5 and Bootstrap 4.0 3 Chapters

Getting Started with CakePHP 3.5 and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

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Install CakePHP 3.5 5 Chapters

Unity on OpenSUSE Linux

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Installing Unity on OpenSUSE Linux Tumbletweet 1 Chapters

CakePHP 3 - Best Practice and Cookbook

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Why are we writing this book? 10 Chapters

My Database Friend PostgreSQL

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Introduction 6 Chapters

Migrating to AMP Project and CakePHP 3.4 (Prototyping)

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Objectives for AMP with CakePHP 4 Chapters

Polymer 2.0

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Polymer 2.0 Cheat Sheet 2 Chapters

FreeBSD 11: Tips and Tricks

Modified: 2017-05-13T09:29:36.562441+00:00 with nginx on FreeBSD 11 2 Chapters

App Development with CakePHP 3.4 and Bootstrap 4.0

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Objectives 5 Chapters

Polymer Tutorial - a comprehensive example for web components

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Objective for Polymer Tutorial 6 Chapters

CakePHP 3.2 Tutorials

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Introduction 4 Chapters

FreeBSD 10.3, Postgresql 9.5, PHP 7.0 on

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Creating a Postgresql Database 4 Chapters

FreeBSD Tips and Tricks

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Upgrade FreeBSD 10.1 to 10.2 7 Chapters

Install Postgresql 9.5, Nginx 1.9, PHP 7.0 and Memcached on FreeBSD 10.3

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Install Packages with pkg 5 Chapters

letsencrypt on FreeBSD

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Install letsencrypt on FreeBSD 5 Chapters

CakePHP 3.2 Tutorial

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0 Chapters

Rapid Application Development with Open Source Software

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Introduction 40 Chapters

CakePHP3 Tutorial

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Objective for this tutorial 13 Chapters


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0 Chapters

Analyzing Big Data using the R Language

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Motivation to write this book 3 Chapters