Rapid Application Development with Open Source Software

This interactive online book contains the following chapters
Requirements for the paywall book application
Coding Standards in CakePHP
Data Model for PostgreSQL 9.4
Open Source Software Stack: FreeBSD, CakePHP, Nginx, Bootstrap
Installing required Open Source Software
      Installing FreeBSD Packages
      Installing CakePHP 2.6
      Setting up Nginx
      Installing Debug Kit for CakePHP
      Installing Webstatistics AWSTATS
Developing with CakePHP
      CakePHP 2.x: Registration for a new book
      Creating Reusable View Components in CakePHP
      CakePHP upload Images
      Building Feedback Functionality
            Data Model for Feedbacks
            Building a View Element for the Comments
            Building Controller Actions for Comments
      Creating a desktop sitemap with CakePHP
      Propagate updates on RSS
            CakePHP 2 Model for RSS
            CakePHP 2 Controller for RSS
            CakePHP 2 Layout for RSS
            Cakephp 2 adding a view for RSS
      Cakephp 2.x: Building a Newsletter infrastructure
Mobile websites with CakePHP and Bootstrap
      Creating a Bootstrap Theme for mobile websites
      Creating a new mobile View for Books
      Creating a mobile sitemap with CakePHP
Moving from Test or Development to Production
Tuning Cakephp with Nginx and Memcached
Tuning Bootstrap 3
      Reduce Image Size
Maintenance Tasks
      Upgrading CakePHP
      Updating FreeBSD Operating System, Packages and Ports
      Upgrading Twitter Bootstrap
Promote your Website
Monitoring the Website