Rapid Application Development with Open Source Software

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CakePHP as framework and container for the application will be installed in the following directory. This directory will be referenced later in the nginx-setup.

mkdir /usr/local/www/logikfabrik

cd /usr/local/www/logikfabrik/

Download the latest stable CakePHP Software (2.6.1)

fetch https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/archive/master.zip

Extract the zip file and rename it to "cakephp"

tar -xvf master.zip
rm master.zip
mv cakephp-master cakephp

Although these directories might already exist we create them and set the appropriate access rights:

mkdir /usr/local/www/logikfabrik/cakephp/app/tmp/cache
mkdir /usr/local/www/logikfabrik/cakephp/app/tmp/cache/persistent
mkdir /usr/local/www/logikfabrik/cakephp/app/tmp/cache/models
chmod -R 777 /usr/local/www/logikfabrik/cakephp/app/tmp/

Some of the files are not neccessary. Therefore we remove them.

cd /usr/local/www/logikfabrik/cakephp
rm .htaccess
rm .editorconfig 
rm .gitignore 
rm .editorconfig 
rm .gitignore
rm .gitattributes 
rm .htaccess 
rm .travis.yml 
rm build.xml
rm composer.json 
rm build.properties 
rm README.md
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