Install Postgresql 9.5, Nginx 1.9, PHP 7.0 and Memcached on FreeBSD 10.3

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For Nginx we can not use the compiled package version because we need certain additional options such as the perl module. Therefore we compile the ports from its source.

cd /usr/ports/www/nginx-devel/ && make install clean

In the offered options we add: HTTP_GEOIP, HTTP_PERL, HTTPV2

===> Installing for nginx-devel-1.9.10 ===> Checking if nginx-devel already installed ===> Registering installation for nginx-devel-1.9.10 Installing nginx-devel-1.9.10... ===> Creating users and/or groups. Using existing group 'www'. Using existing user 'www'. ===> SECURITY REPORT: This port has installed the following files which may act as network servers and may therefore pose a remote security risk to the system. /usr/local/sbin/nginx This port has installed the following startup scripts which may cause these network services to be started at boot time. /usr/local/etc/rc.d/nginx If there are vulnerabilities in these programs there may be a security risk to the system. FreeBSD makes no guarantee about the security of ports included in the Ports Collection. Please type 'make deinstall' to deinstall the port if this is a concern. For more information, and contact details about the security status of this software, see the following webpage: ===> Cleaning for GeoIP-1.6.6 ===> Cleaning for nginx-devel-1.9.10

In addition we lock this module for updates:

#pkg lock nginx-devel nginx-devel-1.9.10: lock this package? [y/N]: y Locking nginx-devel-1.9.10

Enable Ngnix at OS startup:

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