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Upgrading CakePHP

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Upgrading CakePHP is very easy. In this example we upgrade from CakePHP 2.6.1 to 2.6.2. This can be done by executing the following few commands. This will take only a few minutes.

In the Upgrade Process we kept the libraries of Version 2.6.1 so we could revert the upgrade if necessary

# locate to your CakePHP directory and create a new temporary directory for the new release
cd /usr/local/www/
mkdir www262                    
cd www262

# download the new release to the temporary directory
fetch --no-verify-peer
tar -xvf

cd /usr/local/www/

#check if you are in the correct directory
ls -altr

# you should see at least:

# Replace Lib; save the current lib
mv lib lib261
mv /usr/local/www/ .

# Replace index.php; save the current index.php
mv index.php index261.php
mv /usr/local/www/ .

# Remove temporary download and old releases if exists
rm -R /usr/local/www/
rm -R lib260
rm index260.php

Use the following url in your browser to check if the correct version of CakePHP is being used.

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