Fast Application Development with Django 2.2

The aim of this book is to give a kickstart for fast application development with Django 2.2. The book is organized in approx 10 User Stories and describes the development of a real django application. This application is about personal knowledge management.

The user stories cover:

User StoryTechnical Story
1.Data EntryDefine Database Tables, Generate Models, Controllers, Templates
2.Data Analysis and, Rest API
3.Multiple Layout Systems such as bootstrap and amphtml
4.Social AuthentificationOAuth Konfigurations
5.Integration to social media (Twitter)API to Twitter with OAuth
6.Html Caching for ScalabilityCache HTML using CakePHP Middleware
7.SEO (Sitemaps, RSS)Batchjobs/Shells, File Writes using Symfony
8.Paywall (planned)AMP-Paywall
9.Collaborative Multilanguage Support
10.Quality Assurance
11.End User Engagement

ava tree django2


Published: April 20, 2019