Coexistence Of Multipe CakePHP Apps

2019-06-01 18:29:56+00

You might have a complex application in production and a new major version of you development framework is available. What are the options to build new versions of applications that coexists.

This exemple shows the possible options to run or develop multiple cakePHP versions in parallel on nginx as webserver.

Here is an overview of the basic options

Option: Subdomains

Subdomains such as lets you fully separate your development and test environment from the production environment. Subdomains need to be configure in the webserver configuration files.


Subfolders such as lets you share webserver log file. You may want to have multiple version of your applications in production and lets steer the version by the subfolder which act as version.

Selected URL Prefixes

With selected url you also can have multiple versions in parallel on your production environment. Selected url prefixes point to the new version of the application whereas all other application run on the standard version.

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