openSUSE Leap 15.4 Net Installation

- Create USB Stick with bootable openSUSE 15.4
- attach network cable

Required Time:
- 10 Minutes Setup/Interaction + 50 Minutes Download/Installation

Boot from USB on Lenovo T410

-->  Installation

---> Language, Keyboard, License: 
         Keyboard Layout is German
         Language unchanged (English)

---> Activate Online Repositories: yes

--> List of Online Repositories (keep preselected):
-----> Update Repository (Non-Oss)
-----> Non-OSS Repository
-----> Main Update Repository
-----> Main Repository

--> System Role:  Desktop with KDE Plasma

--> Suggested Partitioning
-----> Delete partition /dev/sda5 (360 GB)
-----> Mount partition /dev/sda4 (3.65 GB) at swap
-----> Create partition /dev/sda5 (360 GB) for / with btrfs
-----> 38 subvolume actions

--> Clock and Time Zone
-----> Hardware Clock Set to UTC

Local User

[] use this pw for sys admin
[x] automatic login

Installation Settings
--> Boot Loader: GRUB2
--> Trusted Boot: disabled
--> Status Location: /dev/sda (MBR)
--> Install bootcode into MBR
--> Do not install boot code into a partition with /boot
--> Order of Hard Disks: /dev/sda, /dev/sdb

add XEN
deselect Games

Firewall will be enabled
SSH serviced wil be disabled
SSH port will be open

Published: May 21, 2022

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